Time-lapses: How are they done?

Contrary to popular belief, time-lapses are not just 'pressing record'. They are actually a series of high-resolution pictures. It’s a technique that records a scene or objects that has a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed.  In other words, it allows you to take a long period of time and play it back very quickly!

Here are 3 simple tips on how to create a time-lapse.

1) A tripod is your best friend.
Since your DSLR camera will be stationary (on something that changes slowly, like clouds,sunset,etc.), this is a must. It will help you maintain stability and keep things consistent. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised. :) 

2) Plan accordingly. 
To do this, keep in mind that the ratio is 24 pictures : 1 second of video. 24p refers to a video format that operates at 24 frames per second. So if you’re aiming for a 30 second time-lapse, you’ll need approximately720 pictures, or 720 frames. The amount of time needed depends on how many frames per second you take. You can take 1 frame per second, or 1 frame every 5 minutes - it all depends on how you’d like the time-lapse to look. TIP: if you’re capturing a scene at night and this requires your shutter to be open much more than normal… each picture may take much longer than a second to be taken, so do not think you can snap 24 pictures in 24 seconds. It could be a picture a minute, 10 minutes, etc. Overall - you’ll definitely need PATIENCE!

3) You’ll need an intervalometer.
This is basically a remote that will make your time-lapsing a whole lot easier. It’s is a device that plugs into a camera and controls how often, how long and how many shots are taken. This leaves you free to go do something else, like a quick session of parkour ;).

In this video, Josel will demonstrate his approach to shooting sweet time-lapses.

Meet Mirar - Alexis Tolentino

Alexis began with Mirar in March 2014.
He is our assistant cinematographer & assistant editor.
He loves to try new things, visit different places and meet new people. 
That is what excites him to go to work every day.
He loves his mom’s Mexican mole.
He loves photography, too…but find its funny when people think he is taking photos during his cocktail hour coverage. “I’m the video guy.” 
Here’s a little glimpse into what he does for Mirar.

Meet Mirar - Philipe Carvalho

Philipe began Mirar Productions in summer of 2010, in his hometown of San Francisco, CA. 
That same year, he moved his family and business to awesome Chicago. 
He loves editing. 
He likes to watch soccer, play basketball, and go for a swim. 
Brazilian home cooking is the way to his heart.
He is a dad and loves #raisinggirls (Mimi, Gigi, and Charlie-the pup)
He was once held up at gun point as a bank teller. He now lives to tell the story.
When he was 18, he visited over 10 countries - spending time on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America). 
He jumped out of a plane with his wife on their 10 year wedding anniversary.
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Meet Mirar - Victoria Alspach

Victoria began with Mirar in January 2016,
and is now our Creative Director & Office Manager.
She is a foodie and an avid mystery-novel reader.
She likes cooking almost as much as she likes dogs; and she loves cooking.
She appreciates all things creative - especially any kind of design work.
Her minor in Art History has taught her to see beauty in all things.
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