Owner / Creative Director

I’m motivated by people who are passionate. 

I love using my camera to tell a story. It began in high school, then growing up in church and grew during my extensive travels abroad, and firmly took root when I began Mirar. My aspiration as a creative is to be able to highlight the everyday person’s passion for their craft, and illustrate how they are doing something extraordinary. 

Be it if you’re a dentist, a chef or a bartender, there is a story to tell that can inspire others. To me, anyone that loves their craft - eats, breaths and sleeps it - is someone I want to talk to. 


After graduating from UCBS in 2007 with a degree in History and Film & Media, I began my career working for the financing and production entity, Sandbar Pictures. I associate produced the documentary WHIZ KIDS and worked as a production coordinator on And Soon the Darkness. During this time, I began Mirar Productions. After spending a year working at Google in their Maps division where I helped manage a new dataset for the entire United States, I relocated to Chicago with my family.


1. Father of two #raisinggirls
2. Sports fan
3. Loves beer, gin, coffee and tea
4. Speaks Portuguese
5. History major

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